IRACA Consulting

We strive to provide the best service and quality service in each of our areas of expertise. We specialize in two different areas of investment consulting:

Iraca Mining Investment Consulting

Iraca offers Geological and Geostatistical Resource Estimation and Resource Modeling. We have more than 18 years’ experience in metallic and non-metallic deposit resource estimation and resource modelling, namely Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Platinum group elements, Uranium and Bauxite. We offer our consultancy services in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Turkey, and Iran. Iraca has expertise in preparing geological models, both implicit methods, using Leapfrog software, and explicit methods, using software such as Gems and Datamine. We have prepared many geostatistical resource estimations and have very good expertise working with geostatistical software, as well as programs and modules that have been developed over the years. We specialize in automating resource estimation, using Java Script in Datamine. The following are our areas of expertise:

  • Quality and quantity assurance in mines and exploration projects: making sure of geological data is the most important step in resource estimation. Iraca uses the most up-to-date knowledge of QAQC in geology for this purpose.
  • Geological modelling using implicit and explicit methods in Leapfrog, Gems, and Datamine.
  • Omni and multivariate statistics, understanding the metallic population and how they are related to each other is the key to selecting a proper geostatistical method for the estimation. These studies are utilized in all stages of exploration, from QAQC, selecting geostatistical methods, resource estimation, to resource validation and comparisons. These studies assure QP about the quality of the date and their validity, compared with the industry standards.
  • Geostatistical studies to better understand the Regional variables, metallic and non-metallic grades behavior in 3D space and their relation with each other. Iraca has expertise in using Supervisor, Datamine, software for this purpose.
  • Resource Categorization. Iraca is well aware of Industry approved criteria for categorization of Metallic resources which will comply with CIM and National Instrument 43-101 Guidelines.
  • Resource Validation: This is the stage that a QP can be satisfied about the results and the variation of the estimation for each block and the confidence limit of an estimation
  • Resource Categorization, compliance with CIM guidelines
  • Resource preparation; Compliance report with NI-43101.

Gold Deposit

  • Barkerville Gold Mines (two mines- Cow Mountain, Bonanza ledge ) Canada-BC
  • Caringa Gold deposit, Mexico
  • Bonterra Gold deposit, Quebec-Canada
  • Kupol, Russia, an epithermal gold vein-stockwork type
  • Kupol-Vtory_II, Russia
  • Kupol-Evgenya, Russia
  • Monument Bay, Quebec Canada
  • Lakeshore, Canada
  • Brookbank, Canada

Gold & Copper Porphyry

  • Pancho, Chile
  • Reef type – stratiform PGE
  • Kola, Russia

Multi metal deposits

  • Mosquito Cu-Ag-Pb-Zn-W deposit, Canada, BC
  • Andrew Deposit Lead- Zinc deposit, Canada, Yukon
  • Mediteranean Resources, A multi metal, copper, gold, silver, deposit in Turkey
  • Niblack Gold mine, A VMS deposit in Alaska
  • Geochemical polymetallic prospecting, Ahar, Azarbaijan, Iran

Zinc Deposit

  • Mehdiabd Zinc sulphide deposit, Iran

Non-metallic Deposits

  • Arashtanab&Shiramin Lime deposits, Iran
  • Jajarm Bauxite deposit, Iran
  • Razgah&Kaleybar Nepheline Syenite, Azarbiejan, Iran
  • KalatehChoobak exploration project, Iran
  • Feldspar deposit, Zanjan, Iran
  • Nepheline prospecting, Zahedan, Iran
  • Graphite prospecting, Hamedan, Iran

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