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Iraca Construction Services Corp.

Iraca is a fast growing private Home Construction Company. Currently, it is active in three cities in the Lower Mainland area of Great Vancouver, Canada: West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Coquitlam. Iraca’s expertise is in building single family houses. Low overhead costs helps Iraca to build luxury custom houses at an affordable price for our clients, which is very important in the current competitive housing market.

At Iraca, we know from the experience that frequent, clear and effective communication is the key for building our client’s dream houses and we make sure that we properly understand your needs and do whatever it takes to meet them in your new house. Iraca Home Construction Company holds frequent meetings with clients and presents the work that has been done and the work that still needs to be done in detail. In each meeting, progress reports, plans, trades, and expenses will be discussed thoroughly and each stage will be commenced after client consent and approval. These meetings ensure that clients are informed of each step of the work and that their feedback in each stage is valued.

Iraca prepares several progress reports during the course of construction, which summarizes the work and the cost of the project by different milestones. In addition, clients can ask for a progress report any time that they need to.

Iraca believes that time is money and that quick completion of projects means more profit for his clients. Iraca’s effective management power, combined with the professional team of trades,will guarantee quick, quality completion.

At Iraca, we value our clients and welcome them to become members of Iraca’s Happy Family. Just give us a quick call to setup a free consultation and join Iraca’s family.

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